The Whitaker Group, New Balance, & 9060s With “Missing Pieces”

James Whitner’s The Whitaker Group is launching a New Balance collaboration.

To be clear, The Whitaker Group isn’t necessarily a brand or retailer. Though, it is quite familiar with brands and retailers founded by Whitner.

The Whitaker Group is essentially a consulting, creative, and design conglomerate that houses James Whitaker’s other businesses, including A Ma Maniére, Social Status, and APB.

Fans may be familiar with these Whitner brands and their past team-ups with Nike, adidas, Diadora, Reebok, and ASICS, to name a few. Yep, it all falls under The Whitaker Group umbrella.

Now, the head honcho company is getting its own New Balance shoe.

For their collaboration, The Whitaker Group and New Balance take on the chunky 9060, which Mowalola, Brick & Wood, and Joe Freshgoods explored previously.

The pair deliver their collaborative 9060s in two colorways: Daydream Blue and Silver Moss Green. The latter scheme reminds us of Joe Freshgoods’ “Baby Shower Blue” pairs, arriving in a similar pink and green palette. Hey, great storytellers think alike.

On the other hand, the Daydream Blue iteration sees blue and pink strike the shoe’s fuzzy nubuck panels and mesh overlays, respectively.

Slated to release on September 28, The Whitaker Group’s New Balance 9060 “Missing Pieces” collab will launch at A Ma Maniére, Social Status, APB, and Prosper’s websites. Again, The Whitaker Group is not a store, so please don’t stalk their website on release day.

Whitner’s collaborations aren’t often without a gripping story regarding Black culture, whether it be highlighting social issues or celebrating Black women’s greatness.

The Whitaker Group’s New Balance partnership continues Whitner’s award-winning storytelling with a “Missing Pieces” campaign.

Centered around two aspiring podcast stars, “Missing Pieces” speaks to the youth’s way of pursuing their dreams and making change happen — “making something out of nothing and filling the gaps,” as a press release puts it.

“You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. The future is yours. What will you do with it: solve for the missing pieces or let the moment pass you by? The choice is yours.”

It’s another Whitner storytime classic, joined by great shoes.

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