Stone Island x New Balance Is Back Teasing Another Shoe for 2023

Stone Island first joined forces with New Balance in 2013 to unveil a fresh take on the 577 runners, bringing the Italian label’s premium, durable fabrics to the sneaker giant’s reliable silhouettes. 

A decade since that first shoe and two years since they announced a recurring collaborative relationship, Stone Island and New Balance are teasing another shoe, and it’s literally unlike anything we’ve seen thus far.

Stone Island offered a blurry teaser of their next New Balance shoe on Instagram — it’s just a picture of the sole with a Stone Island logo imprinted on it. But sources say that the two are teaming up for an entirely new silhouette, the 991v2.

Stone Island nor New Balance have yet to confirm a release date yet, let alone reveal the shoe (sans its sole).

Stone Island and New Balance entered a long-term collaboration back in 2021. In the time since, the dynamic duo has released the rugged, militaristic 574 debuted by U.K. rap star Dave. They’ve also delivered the icy RC ELITE SI and its flashier V2 counterpart, as well as the swole FuelCell C_1, all designed with NB’s Tokyo Design Studio.

I’m not expecting a drastic change from the tried and true 991v1 silhouette, but hopefully Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 will play with some of the Italian brand’s more unconventional materials, such as their “Nylon Metal,” which looks metallic and iridescent when dyed.

In debuting debut a new silhouette, why not go big and metal-y?

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