Gallery Dept. & ASICS Linked for a GT-2160 Collab, Apparently

Apparently, Gallery Dept. cooked up an ASICS GT-2160, a model of which Cecilie Bahnsen and DIME gave a spin this year.

Recently, glances at Gallery Dept.’s ASICS GT-2160 surfaced online — and we mean glances. Early looks presented zoomed-in peeks of specific details, mostly moments of dual branding.

Both brands meet on the yellow insole (Gallery’s signature color), while GT-2160 logos joined Gallery Dept’s yellow tag on the grey/silver/blue synthetic upper.

Based on the co-branding, it looks like Gallery Dept.’s ASICS GT-2160 is actually a collab this go-around.

There’s been some mystery surrounding the brand’s “link-ups” in the past. For instance, the Vans team-up? Collab. Those $600 GEL-LYTE Vs? Not a collab (or were they?). They were simple ASICS shoes, painted by Gallery Dept. founder Josué Thomas.

Like the GEL-LYTE V collab (?), the collaborative GT-2160s will reportedly come with Gallery Dept.’s signature paint splattering — assumably done by Thomas again. ‘Cause who better to toss paint on shoes than him?

Gallery Dept.’s ASICS GT-2160 is rumored to be released sometime in the latter part of 2023, more than likely sold through Gallery Dept.’s website and maybe even the new Art That Kills platform.

Will the GT-2160s follow in the footsteps of the GEL-LYTE Vs with an expensive price tag? No clue yet.

However, fans are already prepping their accounts for large withdrawals. Folks speculate that Gallery’s newest ASICS will be $2,160, like the model’s number.

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