If Summer Ends, These are Your Go-To Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have a way of conveying warmth and cosiness. It’s ‘hygge’, in jacket form. There’s no beating the feeling of chilly, crisp air against your face, when wrapped up in what’s essentially a duvet made for the streets.

Summer may be in doubt about whether to exit the scene to make way for the season that comes after. I almost forget what that is again…it starts with A…or F? Either way, get your autumn/fall game on with these hot af picks.

For whatever your colour, texture, or stylistic preferences, these jackets have a sprinkling of a bit of everything – we guarantee nothing, but we offer plenty of options.

Dries Van Noten Vorley printed quilted shell jacket

An optical illusion in quilted shell form. The swirling print transports to other dimensions, and the cosy, oversized boxiness keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground. Fresh off the AW23 Dries runway, but inspired by 90s rave culture. A perfect mix of vintage and current.

OFF-WHITE Patch Arr quilted shell jacket

Off White offers us a giant hood to keep away the chill factor. But don’t scrimp on your own chill factor, take it to the house party and keep smoking your rollies in the dull glow of the streetlamp.

MONCLER GENIUS 2 Moncler 1952 Achill orange quilted shell jacket

A bold colorway, to be sure. Do you dare to shine bright like an, ahem, orange? You’ll be warm to fortify whatever intake of vitamin C you might be taking, regardless.

RICK OWENS Asymmetric quilted shell gilet

Super green! Not in colour, but in Fifth Element futuristic style points. This gilet cuts an edgy shape for when you’re out to make waves. Or in this case, straight lines.

Canada Goose Chilliwack Fur-Trimmed Arctic-Tech Bomber Jacket

A classic bomber, and a little more tame to fit in with a casual wardrobe without anything too controversial in the design. The fur trim offers a throwback moment and the Canada Goose brand means this is the real deal 90s retro look – no knockoffs here.

Rick Owens Shearling-Panelled Quilted Shell Jacket

The shape on this jacket is wonderfully whimsical. Space age, but in the best way possible. A triangular shape cuts chevron-like through a tastefully puffy quilting that lays flat against your frame. Appealing by way of subtle accents to make this a standout.

RAINS Alta quilted cropped rubberised jacket

In a word, shiny. If ever you wanted to live out your Star Trek dreams, this is the jacket for you.

HERON PRESTON Ex-Ray quilted shell jacket

A gentle quilting offers a softer look than the other puffers on offer here. This separates the gentlemen from the boys.

MONCLER Pablof quilted shell jacket

From the ‘wet’ look, to the long cut, this jacket is a winter winner. There is no doubt about cosiness quotient on this one, being windproof and all-weather resistant – you’re set throughout the season.

Balenciaga Swing quilted shell jacket

An A-line in a jacket? We like. There is no mistaking the Balenciaga-ness of it all, with the unusual cut, the tapering towards the top, and of course – a detachable scarf for extra comfort. This coat is a cinch, and we don’t just mean by way of the classic Balenciaga quilting.