Guess Kim & Balenciaga Are Cool Now

Kim Kardashian’s torrid love affair with Balenciaga came to a swift end by the end of 2022, when the luxury house’s much-publicized scandal engendered a couple brief tweets where Kardashian promised to “re-evaluate [her] relationship with the brand.” If anyone was curious how those evaluations shook out, wonder no longer.

On September 13, Kardashian attended the wordily-named Kering’s Second Annual Caring for Women Dinner wearing, what else, custom Balenciaga.

Specifically, Kim wore “a custom made transparent knitted crystal evening dress in pale pink over a skin tone pantabodysuit,” Balenciaga said in a statement. Nicole Kidman, Christy Turlington, and perpetual Balenciaga fan Isabelle Huppert also wore the Demna-lead maison.

It’s probably the clearest affirmation of Kim’s loyalty to Balenciaga. Yes, she’s worn other Balenciaga bits here and there but she hasn’t celebrated the label this publicly since the glory days a year ago.

Balenciaga itself is still keeping relatively low-key since its informal reset earlier this year — its runway shows and official imagery is nowhere near as provocative as it once was and though celebrities are unafraid to rock Balenciaga in public, the droves of Balenciaga die-hards have dried-up, a bit.

There’s still much love for Balenciaga, of course, and it continues to turn out some great clothes, but it ain’t the same.

Kim, for her part, had appeared to move towards luxury labels like Chanel in the meantime, when she wasn’t seen wearing vintage designer gear and athleisure-leaning sportswear.

But she’s back in Balenciaga for good, it seems. Is another Kim-led Balenciaga campaign on the horizon?

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