Even When Off Duty, Anok Yai’s Style Remains On Point

New York Fashion Week is underway, and Anok Yai is serving beyond the runway again.

In between shows, the model delivered yet another off-duty slay, wearing an effortless ‘fit which should be very well feared — considering it is by Fear of God and all.

Indeed. Yai donned a full Fear of God look hailing from the brand’s Collection 8, which debuted via a grande spectacle at the Hollywood Bowl in April.

Yai’s look included a cropped tank top paired with slashed bleached jeans and comfy-looking cashmere boots. The finisher? A delicious leather bag (XL-sized, at that).

The verdict? Just one big chef’s kiss.

As much as folks look forward to Yai’s stunning face on the catwalk, people have taken a liking to her stylish presence in the streets. And we understand the appeal — Yai’s got quite the personal style.

Recall her post-Met look where she paired sweats with a massive faux fur coat complete with exposed thong action. Oh, Miss Yai. The street-style star you are.