Former ‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani Walked Out Of A 9/11 Memorial Service For A Really Bizarre Reason

Honoring 9/11 is supposed to a bipartisan affair where Americans put aside their differences and pay respect to those lost on that fateful day. Not if you’re Rudy Giuliani.

The disgraced attorney stopped by Newsmax on Monday where he admitted to walking out of a 9/11 memorial service earlier that day because Vice President Kamala Harris was in attendance. Apparently, the man who used to be referred to as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership in the hours and days following the attack can no longer stomach being near anyone who’s not securing our borders as strongly as Donald Trump would. So much for a day of unity and togetherness.

Via Mediaite:

“It really prompted me and I think Bernie [Kerik] to leave a little bit earlier than we would. It’s hard to be there with them, thinking of the millions and millions of people that have come across the border. We don’t know who they are and all of our improvements in anti-terrorism are intelligence, and intelligence doesn’t work if you don’t know who’s coming in.”

Giuliani also took issue with Harris comparing 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to the January 6 attack, which is at the center of Donald Trump’s third indictment, and that added to the once revered mayor’s decision to walk out of the memorial service.

“We’re not even sure what it was,” Giuliani said about the Capitol breach. “It certainly wasn’t what it was originally exaggerated to be, you know, four people killed and all of that. No one’s been convicted of insurrection, they like to call it that, meanwhile this was the worst foreign attack on our soil since the war of 1812, I think.”

(Via Mediaite)