Donkey, Two Words: Shrek Crocs

Shrek, everyone’s favorite antisocial Scottish ogre, isn’t particularly known for his dress sense — I mean he literally just wears a little leather waistcoat, a shit-stained sweater, and potato sacks for shoes  — yet he somehow has his own pair of custom Crocs. Who’d have thunk it?

Inspired by the big green fella himself, Crocs’ Classic Clog arrives in a Shrek green colorway and is equipped with Jibbitz that resembles Shrek’s nose and ears.

The shoe’s strap that can be worn forward to create a mule or behind the heel in a look often referred to as “Sports Mode,” is decorated in a furry brown fabric that replicates the Shrek’s aforementioned waistcoat.

While I am, of course, well aware that Shrek isn’t actually real, if he was and I had to hazard a guess as to what shoes he’d likely wear on the daily, it would undoubtedly be a pair of Crocs.

I can even picture him now, meandering around that sorry sodden swamp, ushering away unwanted guests before befriending an American donkey, all in his little green Crocs which are, of course, in sports mode.

Shrek may not be known for his eclectic sense of style (he’s an ogre FGS), but he finally has his own signature Croc, which is more than most can boast.