Ann Coulter Revealed Why ‘GIGANTIC P***Y’ Donald Trump Started Trashing Her On Truth Social Out Of The Blue

Donald Trump and Ann Coulter are locked in a war of words. The former president recently unloaded on the right-wing provocateur, who he referred to as “hostile” and a “stone cold loser.” Coulter gave it right back by accusing Trump of being too scared to do an interview with her, only she used much stronger words than “scared” and in all-caps, his preferred reading style.

“Trump begged me to come to Bedminster this week,” Coulter tweeted in response to Trump’s latest Truth Social screed. “I said only if I could record a substack with him, but the GIGANTIC P***Y is too afraid of me, so instead he did this.”

Trump attacked Coulter on Wednesday after she wrote a Facebook post praising Ron DeSantis as the only presidential candidate who will “use our military to defend Americans.” That was clearly enough to set Trump off.

“Ann Coulter, the washed up political ‘pundit’ who predicted my win in 2016, then went unbearably crazy with her demands and wanting to be a part of everything, to the consternation of all, has gone hostile and angry with every bit of her very ‘nervous’ energy. Like many others, I just didn’t want her around – She wasn’t worth the trouble!” Trump ranted.

A few moments later, he fired off another insult: “Page 2: Has been Ann Coulter is a Stone Cold Loser!!!”

Despite her far-right credentials, Coulter has been an outspoken critic of Trump. She’s previously called him a “liar and a con man,” and just last month, she referred to the former president as a “gigantic baby” while declaring he won’t be the Republican nominee.

(Via Ann Coulter on Twitter)