It’s 93°F Outside — Perfect Weather For MGK’s Denim Puffer Jacket!

Quoth Canadian popcore band Fucked Up, I hate summer. I hate being hot and I hate the humidity. Autumn and spring, great, winter, fine, but to hell with summer.

If only I could maintain the same internal temperature as Machine Gun Kelly, who elected to wear a denim puffer jacket on a 93°F day in early September. There’s something to be said about celebrities’ superhuman disregard of the temperature but this is ridiculous.

MGK stole the spotlight from wife Megan Fox, who looked comparatively conservative in an oversized blazer and knee-high boots — an outrageous outfit for a painfully hot summer day but practically naked compared to MGK’s denim puffer, matching cargos, and high-top Air Jordan 1s.

Dude was dressed for weather, oh, maybe 30 or 40 degrees cooler. And yet it was significantly over 90°F, especially when you factor in the UV index and all that.

Presumably, MGK and Megan Fox only went from an air-conditioned hotel room to a similarly chilled car and off to a similarly climate-controlled destination but even still, it’s like, why? Like, you’d be fine with just a T-shirt and shorts, my guy, who’re you trying to impress?!

This is hardly the first time that MGK has done something nutty for attention. Remember when he smashed a bottle over his dome to celebrate his Hulu documentary? Really makes you think.

Anyways, Megan Fox is killing it as per yooj. Her striking new hairdo, a cropped red bob, is appropriately bold. MGK’s denim puffer, well, that’s just one toke over the line.

Even if it was the middle of winter, when MGK’s outfit would actually be weather-appropriate, can’t say that it’s worth the sweat. A denim puffer??

He just can’t help himself. Like, even when he’s actually wearing a summer-friendly tanktop, MGK still has to squeeze into leathery Rick Owens pants to match his giant shoes.

I must assume that before he leaves the hotel each morning (or afternoon, really), he looks into the mirror and says, “Somebody stop me!” like Jim Carrey in The Mask. Well, maybe not, but at least it’d be funny.

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