Fear of God & adidas’ 86 Lo Is a Step up From the Rest

In April, Jerry Lorenzo finally revealed the long-awaited Fear of God Athletics x adidas collab in grande fashion at the Hollywood Bowl.

Fast forward to today, Fear of God Athletics x adidas season is upon us, with the collab’s anticipated launch expected sometime during the fall season (a.k.a any day now).

While the duo plans to offer elevated sports apparel and accessories, fans seem to be most excited about the Fear of God Athletics and adidas’ footwear. Indeed, each early look leaves the sneakerheads waiting on their tippy toes for more, creasing their current kicks in the process.

Well, time to get amped again. Another Fear of God Athletics x adidas shoe has surfaced.

Specifically, the best looks (thus far) at a collaborative 86 Lo emerged, revealing an extra-thick-soled shoe with a smooth grey suede for the upper.

While this may be a better view, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen these collaborative pairs. After a wear by Lorenzo’s wife Desiree Manuel, Lorenzo himself blessed us with a glance at the platformed 86 Lo sneakers in May, which look to be part of his traveling rotation at the moment. And understandably so.

There also appears to be a high-top version of the Fear of God x adidas shoe, having appeared at the Hollywood Bowl runway show — finished with that familiar suede and elevated, co-branded base, of course.

With Fear of God’s teasing Collection 8 — which debuted alongside the adidas pieces, by the way — it seems the wait may soon be over for Fear of God Athletics x adidas. Hopefully. Patience, our good friends.