LSU QB Jayden Daniels Got Speared Trying To Hurdle Florida State Defenders

LSU and Florida State met on Sunday night in the biggest game of the college football weekend, as the only top 10 matchup on the Week 1 schedule. After a wild game a year ago, things picked up where they left off with both teams creating huge chunk plays on offense in the first quarter, but also shot themselves in the foot some to keep things tied at 7-7 going into the second.

LSU in particular would’ve felt like they left a lot on the field early on, as they got stopped on six plays inside the five yard line, failing to put points on the board on their opening drive. After redeeming themselves with a touchdown drive on their second possession, they took over in a tie game and again marched into FSU territory. Jayden Daniels showed his talents throwing and running, but learned a painful lesson about trying to hurdle defenders when he decided to leap over the line in front of him and got absolutely smoked by FSU star defender Jared Verse, who saw an opportunity to put a monster hit on the QB and did not miss.

Hurdling defenders is always a dicey decision, but trying a hurdle in the middle of the line and not going for a touchdown is just a truly terrible choice to make. It really looks like a move you’d see in a wrestling ring, as Daniels gets lifted even higher off the backs of the guys he tries hurdling, straight into the waiting arms of Verse who delivers one of the cleanest monster hits we will likely see all season in college football.

Daniels is a terrific athlete, but this will hopefully serve as a reminder to him that even he has some limits and those limits are hurdling an entire defensive front seven. Luckily, he popped up from this massive hit, but it’s not a guarantee when you get hit after leaving your feet like that that you will bounce up as quickly.