JJJJound’s Crocs Collab Is Literally Just White Crocs

If you weren’t already privy to JJJJound’s penchant for minimalist garments, you will be shortly.

The Montreal-based designer, real name Justin Saunders, has taken to Instagram to tease a look at JJJJound’s upcoming Crocs collaboration that looks to comprise a monochromatic white take of the latter’s Classic Clog.

Typically, JJJJound is giving little away with the teaser, which was posted to IG on September 4.

The image, which was posted on September 4, appears to show a birds eye view of three different sized clogs, which suggests that the collaboration could come with kids’ sizes included.

Typically, JJJJound is giving little else away, other than subtly-branded heel straps.

Simple? Sure. Very JJJJound? Absolutely.

It’ll be interesting to see how much they’ll sell for considering Crocs’ inline white Classic Clogs sell for $49.99, although if previous JJJJound collaborations are anything to go by there will be a premium.

Still, simple takes on already-popular silhouettes is nothing new for JJJJound. In fact, the Canadian label is arguably one of the most prolific collaborators in the game right now.

In the last six months alone the label has reworked takes of Reebok’s Club C, adidas’ Samba and Salomon’s XT-4, not to mention its all white summer-ready spin on Vans’ Sk8-Hi, Authentic, and Slip-On silhouettes.

Similarly, Crocs is no slouch when it comes to a partnership or two with Palace, Feng Chen Wang, and MSCHF all teaming up with the rubber clog aficionados in recent months.

That being the case, it was really only a matter of time before JJJJound and Crocs would find themselves in cahoots.

I suppose the only question now is: how minimal can a Croc really be? Well, if early images are anything to go by: very!