Jacob Elordi Is Flexing Louis Vuitton Style

Jacob Elordi, the extremely tall Australian Euphoria acting barefoot prince and an all round great looking guy, is a stylish young fella, too.

The 26-year-old — aka Euphoria‘s main antagonist, Nate Jacobs — has made quite the name for himself of late with his extensive collection of designer bags, which includes styles from the likes of Burberry, Fendi, Celine, and Bottega Veneta.

Now, though, Elordi has delivered arguably his biggest murse (man purse) flex to-date after he was spotted in Venice, Italy, on September 3 flipping the V and clutching Louis Vuitton’s new-look Monogram Speedy bag.

For those not familiar with LV’s new Speedy Monogram Bag, we ask you to revisit Pharrell’s debut Spring/Summer 2024 show as the French house’s creative director earlier this year and marvel at the duffle in all its opulent glory.

As I say, Elordi sporting luxury bags is nothing new.

Back in March he was spotted meandering around Los Angeles rocking Bottega’s Andiamo bag and the Italian house’s Cassette (on separate occasions), shortly after a teenie CELINE murse the month prior.

Still, adding LV’s Monogram Speedy bag to his ever-growing collection of splendour bags can do no harm. If anything, it’s his most impressive flex to date, which is really saying something. More of the same please, Jacob!

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