MF DOOM x Supreme: More Soul Than a Sock With a Hole

Is Supreme back? As a sort of authority in this space (JK), I’m not ready to call it yet but I’m certainly happy to put the idea out into the world going off of the good stuff and similarly strong looks thus far epitomized by Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

Though, if the 30-year-old skate brand does actually issue a collaboration with MF DOOM’s estate this season, speculation basically goes out the window: Supreme will very likely be back. Yes, it only takes the one MF DOOM capsule.

First hinted at by the usual Supreme leak-focused social media pages, Supreme x MF DOOM would herald a return to form for Supreme, underscoring the strong start to the brand’s FW23 season.

Supreme’s MF DOOM collection, if real, will comprise a robust selection of shirts, hats, and pants likely printed with the late DOOM’s visage. Just remember, all caps when you spell the man’s name.

Beyond whatever immediate appeal the clothes might afford, though, the Supreme x MF DOOM collaboration would be a big deal simply because it brings together the world’s biggest streetwear brand with one of the music industry’s most-influential rappers.

Two titans of counterculture coming together, at last. A potential MF DOOM collab done right would be, dare I say, more soulful than the average Supreme team-up by way of the cultural implications alone. Worst case scenario, at least it’s decent DOOM merch.

Bear in mind that the MF DOOM Nike Dunks remain one of the most sought-after colorways even 16 years after their release so attention is all but guranteed.

Commenters on the aforementioned leak pages are clearly excited. If this heightened attention leads to a sales boost, that’s a win-win.

Supreme does not comment on unconfirmed drops, of course, so the MF DOOM collab will remain a rumor… for now.

Thus far, highlights from Supreme FW23 include a new Korean store, typically sublime accessories (hello, grill-wearing skull), and a seasonal campaign starring the founder of buzzy brand Corteiz. Even with creative director Tremaine Emory’s departure, the current season collection remains locked in place.

Supreme’s first week drops, which includes the long-awaited and surprisingly expansive reunion with inimitable artist H.R. Giger’s estate, certainly bode well for the rest of the season.

And, again, if Supreme and MF DOOM do get together — forget about it.

Indeed, Supreme is off to a rip-roaring start for Fall/Winter 2023. The NBA Youngboy co-sign, as divisive as that was among Supreme’s fickle fanbase, served its purpose, heralding a new era for the age-old brand.

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