Oregon’s Mascot Had To Do 546 Push-Ups Because The Team Beat Portland State 81-7

The Oregon Duck has had to do a whole lot of push-ups over the years. In a tradition that has gone on for some time, the mascot has needed to do one push-up for every point the football team has after each score, and in games where the team really runs it up, it can get a bit out of hand.

Well, the Ducks really let things get out of hand on Saturday evening. In the team’s season opener against Portland State, Oregon ran up the score en route to an emphatic, 81-7 win. That is the most points that the Ducks have scored in the modern era, and they’re the first team since 2015 to put up 80-plus in a game.

The problem is that turns into a whole lot of push-ups. The official tally is 546, and we know this, because the Duck kept churning them out until the game came to its merciful end.

Unsurprisingly, after finishing up, the poor soul in that costume just wanted to lay down.

The mere thought of doing 546 push-ups has just about every muscle in my upper body crying out in agony. Anyway, Oregon threw for four touchdowns, ran for another seven, and converted one field goal. That is, however you slice it, a lot of points.