You Can Spell Out the Alphabet in Louis Vuitton Trunks For a Mere $235,000

How do you say “I Love You” in Louis Vuitton? Simply pay $73,000 for eight alphabet shaped LV Trunks and there you go!

Thanks to Louis Vuitton expert @mattd74, we’ve been collectively blessed with first-look imagery of the LV alphabet Trunk collection, a deliciously indulgent spread of 26 letter-shaped monogram canvas LV Trunks.

It’s the LV Trunk but it can spell words!

Highsnobiety has reached out to Louis Vuitton for more information but plenty of details have already been published across Instagram.

The cases reportedly retail for €8000 (about $8.7k) apiece and will launch in  April 2024, as Louis Vuitton told Highsnobiety. If you ain’t an LV VIP, though, don’t expect easy access.

Still, if you are, you’re likely the kind of person who can justify nearly $9k for a fancy, letter-shaped box, anyways.

Let’s see, assuming that we’re talking about $9k per Louis Vuitton alphabet Trunk (y’know, taxes, etc.) and we’re talking about 26 Trunks: some LV head is gonna be dropping about $234,000 for the entire set.

Maybe you could finagle some sort of discount for snapping up the entire set. If not, you’d be better off getting the Trunks that spell out your phrase of choice or just your initials, perhaps.

Note that Louis Vuitton’s ordinary 21″x15″ trunk will run you $9,500 so perhaps that’s more reasonable than it sounds. Then again, those trunks are meant for travel — imagine trying to slide an “M”-shaped LV Trunk into the overhead compartment.

The alphabet Trunks were apparently initially offered with colorful interiors but the finished iterations will be beige on the inside, as is the norm for most LV Trunks.

At least the monogrammed canvas exterior remains intact, which isn’t terribly surprising given that it’s likely a key selling point for even the standard Trunk.

Note that Louis Vuitton’s alphabet Trunks are unrelated to Pharrell’s LV debut, just a nifty project demonstrative of LV’s far-reaching in-house output.

Sure, they aren’t the wildest or even the most expensive Louis Vuitton accessories to emerge as of late but I have to admit that I appreciate their quirkiness. It’s not often you see a luxury label leaning this hard into playfulness, so it’s best to appreciate it as it comes.

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