Breaking: Patrick Dempsey Still Hot

The long national nightmare is over. I can finally confirm, once and for all, that Patrick Dempsey remains hot and/or sexy, depending on who you ask.

57-year-old Dempsey set Twitter (or X or whatever) on fire following his arrival at the 2023 Venice Film Festival to promote forthcoming film Ferrari — note that the SAG-AFTRA strike remains ongoing but that certain actors have clauses in their contracts that allow them to promote certain films in certain occasions.

Anyways, Dempsey singularly converted a new generation to McDreamyism primarily by way of his salt-n-pepper hair, god-given jawline, and wrinkles that have settled around his eyes in a way that only makes him look worldlier and, unfairly, even better-looking.

Having inspected the photos myself, I can confirm that Patrick Dempsey continues to be hunky. Go on, just try to find dude’s bad angle — it’s an impossible task.

Dempsey would be handsome enough in a hoodie and sweats but he, of course, is flawlessly coiffed and clothed. Really, he’s looking so on-point that it’s actually a little annoying.

Dempsey first drew attention at the Ferrari photocall with co-stars Adam Driver and Daniela Piperno and director Michael Mann.

There, he wore a frustratingly excellent navy striped suit comprising a fitted blazer and elegantly tapered slacks.

Dempsey complemented his look with loafers and a sweater-over-T-shirt combo that feels like something you’d see in a “How to Dress Like Steve McQueen” style guide but really only looks as good as McQueen when you’re also at least as handsome as McQueen.

This was the look that had Twitter/X-users salivating, though the subsequent smart tux that Dempsey donned was also an easy lay-up.

Look, I’m running out of ways to say that this dude is “daddy” or whatever the kids say but you get the point: Dempsey is extraordinarily handsome and, like a fine wine, has only gotten better with age.

You know, we only ever compare attractive older people to wine but maybe we should start likening them to cheese, which also apparently sometimes gets better over time, if only to level the playing field.

Like, they’re already objectively attractive, perhaps we ought to level the playing field by finding a less universally appealing way to compliment them.

Not that it changes the facts much: no one slays a suit better than McDreamy. How long ’til he’s in the next KITH campaign?

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