Kanye Was Going Sockless — Now He’s Gone Pantsless

Kanye “Ye” West knows exactly how to court headlines. The YEEZY founder hasn’t really done much professionally since being expelled from polite society in late 2022 following his descent into white nationalism and yet the world remains fascinated by his antics. This time, though, Ye might’ve outdone even himself.

Still on their Italian vacation, Ye and wife Bianca Censori were spotted August 28 aboard a rented river taxi during a peaceful mid-day cruise through Venice.

Perhaps Ye found it too peaceful, as eagle-lensed cameramen caught Ye with his pants down, literally, as he was seen sitting on the rear of the boat with his rear out.

The view was obscured so it wasn’t immediately clear as to why Ye was comfortably sitting in such an exposed position, especially in an incredibly public place.

It certainly didn’t bother the 46-year-old rapper, either, who chatted amicably with 28-year-old Bianca and fellow passengers even while his backside was fully visible to boaters behind him.

Ye has apparently evolved from going shoeless into going pantless, at least partially. Either way, it was enough to basically flash his fellow tourists, especially when he stood up, pants down.

Ye and Bianca later got off the boat, at which point Ye pulled his pants up and Bianca donned a double-breasted distressed leather coat with en pointe heels in one of Bianca’s most opaque outfits to date.

Ye was wearing his typical socks in place of shoes and the couple were joined by a third woman, who wore her own black ensemble with a woven leather bag and face-obscuring shades to match.

The actual outfit that Ye wore was essentially identical to his barefoot look from the other week, comprising a slouchy matte suit, huge bag, and, again, an utter lack of footwear.

It’s a departure from the sportier incarnations of Ye’s YEEZY line and instead keeps in line with the recent YEEZY SEASON 10 fashion show.

No MMA shin guards, though. Not sure where those have gone, perhaps they were even a one-off.

Still, Ye’s pants-down appearance in Venice is arguably his most head-turning moment since the shoulder pad shirt and ice cream cone looks that Ye and Censori debuted earlier this summer. Just further proof that Ye is a master of garnering attention.

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