A$AP Rocky Is a New Dad Again, So He’s Dressing Like One

You can nearly always tell what someone’s up to based on their clothes but A$AP Rocky is especially easy to read. Crazy pattern or statement piece? Just a regular hang. Fully suiting up in quintessential yuppiecore or even just tying one on (a tie, that is)? Either date night or one of Rocky’s whisky events.

Going full dad-on-the-move mode, as indicated by the athleisure-leaning look that A$AP Rocky wore on August 29? pure business.

I’ve only seen Rocky step out with his Birkin-looking business bag when he’s got meetings aplenty, and you can clearly tell that he’s on the move from his clutched coffee cup.

Now, Rocky’s still got his nails done and he’s still wearing fancy clothes so it ain’t like he just slopped on some sweats and called it a day. Even a busy day demands a curated look.

It’s always intentional with Mr. A$AP Rocky, who wore a J6 by James Garland hoodie, a pair of sporty PUMA athletic shorts , Calvin Klein socks, and some appropriately elderly ASICS running shoes.

Remember that Rocky just had his second child with Rihanna only earlier this summer so dude likely doesn’t have time to worry about clothes, and yet he’s still dressing with intent, blending luxury and knowingly untrendy sportswear into a seamless ensemble.

The magic is typically in how Rocky balances his layers, proportionally mixing a slouchy hoodie with shorts that hit right at mid-thigh. Tall white socks complement the shorts’ length.

Rocky is very, very good at not just balancing his outfits proportionally, he’s adept at throwing them off-kilter, too. Consider how Rocky complemented some similarly intentional sporty shoes with longer shorts so as to balance the longer inner layer and structured jacket.

These are pretty advanced styling maneuvers, though they look remarkably simple thanks to how deftly Rocky pulls ’em off.

Who else could make Calvin Klein pack socks, generic ASICS, and PUMA athletic shorts look lookbook-ready?

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