Adele Confessed That She Wants To Have Another Child ‘Very Soon,’ And Her & Boyfriend, Rich Paul, Even Picked Out A Potential Name

Over the weekend, singer Adele went into full momma-bear mode when she came to the defense of a fan at her latest Las Vegas residency performance. Adele has a young son of her own (Angelo), so it was a glimpse into how protective she can be of those in harm’s way.

Those guardian skills will come in handy when Adele officially decides to expand her family. In a recently surfaced clip, Adele, while chatting with a supporter attending her Weekends With Adele show in Vegas, confessed that may happen sooner than people think. As the woman sought her help in choosing her unborn daughter’s name, Adele let slip, “I really want to be a mom again soon.”

Adele then revealed that she and her boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul, have been considering it for a while. “I’ve actually been writing lists,” she said. “Every time I see a name that I like, I write it down in my phone.”

The woman revealed that she’s torn between two names, Parker and Spencer, to which she replied, “Well, I can’t say Parker because Rich [Paul] really likes that name. So, Spencer. I like Spencer. I also like Ray.”

Last year, during an appearance on BBC’s Desert Island Discs, Adele told host Lauren Laverne, “I definitely would like a couple more kids. It would be wonderful if we can. If not, I’ve got Angelo. I just want to be happy. I love being a mom.”