Now Loading: New Palace x Salomon

It looks like Palace x Salomon is back at it again, folks.

On August 27, Palace and Salomon quietly confirmed the team-up, sharing a collaborative teaser in their Instagram stories, complete with obscure looks at a dual-branded sneaker.

It’s hard to make out the model in the blink-and-gone glimpses, but Palace and Salomon’s latest shoe boasts elements similar to popular XT-4 and XT-6 models.

If Palace and Salomon’s latest is a merge of both, it wouldn’t be the first time Palace cooked up a hybrid collaborative shoe.

In addition to XA-Comp and Speed Cross collabs, Palace and Salomon also delivered a pack of collaborative XT-6s previously. A couple more for Fall 2023 couldn’t hurt, right? New year, new collab.

Anywho. In the teaser, Palace and Salomon’s forthcoming sneaker appears in two classic colorways: black and white. Complete with co-branding, the shoe is a product of Palace x Salomon, all right.

With the Palace x Salomon teaser fresh on social media, we suspect more details will soon follow in the form of bulleted PSAs, hopefully including better looks at the shoe and a close-by release date.

But right now, Palace is probably still full from of its McDonald’s team-up. Let’s give them a minute to get situated.