Miu Miu x Church’s Is Pure Brogue Brilliance

I’m going to put this out there before anyone gets too far in: if you aren’t giddy with excitement at the mere thought of Miu Miu collaborating with Church’s then you should leave this page immediately. And, if this is you: close the damn door behind you!

For those still with us — I can only presume that’s most of you — feast your eyes upon one of the most subtle but impressive collaborations of the year, as Miu Miu, the womenswear subsidiary of Prada, unites with Church’s, the UK-based brogue aficionado that’s also owned by Prada, to deliver a masterclass in formal footwear with an opulent twist.

First things first: what Church’s doesn’t know about heritage footwear isn’t worth knowing, which isn’t really a surprise when you consider that its history can be traced back as far as 1617. So when it’s teaming up with Miu Miu, a label who can do no wrong, you know the result is going to be good.

Church’s, who has dropped multiple collabs with Off-White™ in recent years, and MiuMiu has crafted two silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2023: brogues and double monk strap shoes.

Realized in a glossed brushed leather and in shades of black and tobacco the Church’s x Miu Miu shoes, which infuse the formality of Church’s with the free spirit and elegance of Miu Miu, are rounded and broader in shape than the originals that inspire them.

Detailing within the collaboration includes the Miu Miu logo on the tongues and embossed into the sides of the soles and the collaborative Church’s x Miu Miu logo printed on the insoles. The double monk strap shoes are further embellished with the classic wing-tip motif.

The collaboration – which lands online on August 29 – is MiuMiu’s latest foray into the world of footwear following a couple of highly-successful New Balance collaborations within the last month.

Brogues, though? That’s a new one. But alongside Church’s, the master of them, they’ve certainly delivered the goods.

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