The Beloved Tube Top Has Been Rick-fied

From this day forward, we only accepting tube tops by Rick Owens. Nothing personal, simply the designers perfected the favored sleeveless shirt.

Feast your eyes on Rick Owens’ tube top, a pumped-up, cylindrical, and very much Rick-fied version of the beloved summer top — now made fall-worthy, courtesy of Rick Owens.

Available on SSENSE for $1,795, Rick Owens’ tube top doubles as a scarf that nearly swaddles the entire upper body (so it’s kind of a jacket, too).

Name a better tube top that’s also a three-fer. We’ll wait.

Debuted during the Fall/Winter 2023 show alongside equally swollen shrugs, Rick Owens’ tube top comes in black and is crafted with Global Recycled Standard (GRS)-certified nylon taffeta (meaning: materials are confirmed to be eco-friendly).

If you’re wondering how the tube top gets its inflated shape, that’s primarily thanks to the piece’s fluff, particularly goose down and mallard feather filling.

Thick funnels are common for Rick Owens’ cold weather pieces, especially its outerwear. We witnessed the design element reach wild levels of inflation and alien energy with that Knot down jacket worn by NBA player and style star Kyle Kuzma last year.

Wonder if Kuzma’s already got the tube top on his radar? Hopefully yes. We’ll be waiting for the tunnel style moment.

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