Cactus Plant Super Market: CPFM Has Its Own Erewhon Smoothie & Merch

Cactus Plant Flea Market x Erewhon makes so much sense that it’s wild that this wasn’t already a thing. Instead, it took until August 22, 2023 for the streetwear brand and bougie Los Angeles health food supermarket to come together.

The appropriately-named Cactus Plant Flea Market Smoothie is the fruit (pun intended) of CPFM and Erewhon’s collaborative labor.

It’s an all-organic smoothie made of no less than a dozen ingredients, including deep breath banana, blue spirulina, chlorophyll (!), coconut, strawberry, mango, matcha cream, oat milk, orange, sea moss (!!), and yuzu lemon.

Available at all of Erewhon’s many locations across California on August 25, the $22 CPFM smoothie’s many ingredients are layered to create an attractive rainbow effect, a tangible manifestation of the brand’s funky, typically colorful oeuvre.

Also, for the first time ever, Erewhon’s 20oz smoothie cup has been remade in the collaborator’s image. That is to say, the CPFM smoothier cups are printed with illustrative “SMOOOOOOOOOOTHIE” text, emblematic of CPFM’s typically subtle approach to graphic design (joke).

Seriously, It’s all very Cactus Plant Flea Market. I mean, you’ve got the hippy-est clothing brand out here coming together with the hippy-est supermarket chain in America β€” the only surprise is no surprise.

Befitting the hippy inclinations at play here, there’s also a charitable bent: a portion of the CPFM smoothie’s proceeds will go to Maui wildfire relief efforts.

But, most folks are likely to eyeball the smoothie for its accompanying merch, which will release on August 25, the same day as the CPFM x Erewhon smoothie, on a dedicated CPFM x Erewhon website, which has taken over the normal Erewhon merch page.

Collaborative pieces β€” available for one week only β€” include hoodies, pullovers, shorts, sweatpants, and tote bags, boasting Erewhon branding realized in CPFM’s unmistakable typeface plus CPFM’s otherworldly characters like the signature double-eyed smiley graphic.

Sign-ups are reportedly already live though immense traffic is slowing the site big-time. Oh, and, Erewhon members get early access, as you’d expect.

No shock that CPFM is back to working on food following its world-conquering McDonald’s team-up from last year, which solidified the phrase “adult Happy Meals” in the American lexicon.

Erewhon is a different market than McD’s, though (pun intended, again), as it targets an upscale shopper, the kinda person who can afford to spend $22 on a smoothie without batting an eye.

The LA-based health food market chain is frequented by A-list clientele and frequently collaborates with influencers. Erewhon’s innate air of affluence is so inimitable that it once inspired a shout-out from a pre-meltdown Kanye “Ye” West.

Hard to say whether this collaborative smoothie is a bigger get for Cactus Plant Flea Market or Erewhon.

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