Sean Hannity ‘Accidentally’ Said Trump’s Mugshot Is Joe Biden And Then Leaned Into The ‘Mistake’

Sean Hannity wants to make it clear that he is still very much Team Trump. While the former president and Fox News have been increasingly at odds thanks to Donald Trump publicly snubbing the network by skipping the first GOP debate to sit down with Tucker Carlson, who was fired by Fox, Hannity continued to carry water for his old pal.

While breaking a Fox News alert on Trump’s mugshot, Hannity accidentally said the image is Joe Biden before catching himself and then leaning into the mistake with a joke for the MAGA crowd.

“You are looking at Joe Biden’s– oh, I’m sorry, Donald Trump’s official mugshot. Joe Biden will be soon enough,” Hannity quipped. “Anyway, moments ago, the 45th president walked into the notorious Fulton County, Georgia jail.”

It didn’t take long for people on social media to question the authenticity of Hannity’s slip-up. Several people accused the moment of being a bit, and a lame one at that. While others couldn’t help but notice that Hannity seemed visibly pained while reporting on what is now Donald Trump’s fourth arrest.

The former president is reportedly nervous that the numerous defendants in the Georgia indictment will flip on him, and he’s no doubt shared those concerns with Hannity who has remained in constant touch with Trump.

You can some of the reactions to Hannity’s flub below:

(Via Acyn on Twitter)