Logan Roy Has Died & Gone to Streetwear Heaven

What would Logan Roy think of Brian Cox’s modeling in KITH’s Fall 2023 campaign? I can imagine he’d have some choice words but I can also imagine him saying: “What’s a KITH?” But with more cursing.

Still, here we are, with Brian Cox wearing a KITH sweater. Cox is an immensely talented actor with a massive resume on both the screen and stage who just so happens to be most widely-known in America for his showstopping performance as the lovably unlovable Roy family patriarch, as seen on HBO’s Succession.

Anyone who’s watched the show or is at least passingly familiar with Logan Roy’s character will likely find Brian Cox’s streetwear turn an amusing jump scare.

Folks keeping up with KITH, though, are already aware that the NY-based retailer and clothing brand has long been casting older, established actors in campaigns that accompany its seasonal collection lookbooks.

Previous KITH campaigns have tapped the likes of Adrien Brody, Bryan Cranston, and, yes, Jerry Seinfeld so Cox is in good company. Like his fellow KITH alumni, Cox wears a relatively pensive expression, though, on second look, it’s actually bordering on severe. Very Logan Roy of him.

If you were able to survive the deluge of Succession spoilers, memes, merch, reactions, and thinkpieces without getting spoiled on the HBO series’ final season, congrats.

I was unfortunately clued in to a huge early-season moment by a series of thoughtful but also inconsiderate “fake” headlines that treated the news as a real-world story. Cool idea but unfortunately for me, because I had elected to wait until the season ended before catching up.

Ah well, it’s more about the journey than the destination, anyways. Point being, there’s a Logan Roy-related spoiler in the final season of Succession that I will not foist upon you… or will I?

Oh, and there’s also the actual KITH Fall 2023 collection itself. It’s comparatively urbane when stacked up against previous offerings, rich with typically graphic fare but also surprisingly stacked with sophisticated blazers and collared shirts, the sort of thing that Cox likely prefers himself.

Unfortunately, Cox’s Loro Piana newsboy hat is not included.

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