Erika Jayne Hints at What Fans Can Expect From Her Bet It All on Blonde Las Vegas Residency

Erika Jayne is getting ready to start up her very own Las Vegas residency, Bet It All on Blonde. The star will kick off her five-week stay at the House of Blues starting Friday (Aug. 25), but before gracing the stage, she sat down with Billboard News to tell fans what they can expect of her show.

“The show is based around my six-word mantra — which is how I created Erika Jayne — which is fantasy, love, escape, and then I added glitz, glamour and fun some years later,” Jayne tells Billboard News host Catrise J. “So that’s really what the Vegas show is about, so we’ll have my old stuff, new stuff, and we’ll do a clever cover or two just for nostalgia purposes, and it’s going to be great. I’m super excited to get back out and perform. I have not performed for three years.”

Other surprises during the residency will include a nod to Jayne’s appearance as Roxie Hart in Chicago (the production shuttered after two months due to COVID-19 in 2020). “We will give a nod to [Bob] Fosse in our own way,” she says. “Probably we’ll see it via costume and choreography.”

Jayne says she couldn’t believe the production got the green light in the first place after a few personal hiccups. “Well, honestly, to be really truthful, I was like: Really? I almost felt like this can’t possibly be happening,” she recalls. “I’ve gone through such a rough patch and all I was getting was bad news, so that when actually good news came through the door, I seriously for a hot second was like, is this real?”

Blame It All on Blonde will take place Aug. 25 for a run of 11 dates over five weekends through Dec. 2 at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay. Watch Jayne’s Billboard News interview in full in the video above.