Omar Apollo’s ‘Ice Slippin’ Single Will Accompany His Various Ice Sculptures Around The World

Some artists will go to extreme yet creative lengths to market their next album, tour, or song. Grammy Award-nominated singer Omar Apollo is among them. Instead of the traditional billboard announcement approach, Apollo and his team set out various ice sculptures around the world to generate hype behind his forthcoming single “Ice Slippin.”

After coming across the work of art, one fan, who was amused by Apollo’s efforts, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a laugh with the singer, writing “You’re so silly goofy for this bae 🤪, Omar Apollo.”

Apollo replied to that remark with a sassy comeback of his own, writing, “I kinda wish they gave me titties but
‘Ice Slippin’ [comes out on] August 25th. I’m seeing all the videos of everybody pullin’ up, and my heart is full. Love you 🥹.”

“Ice Slipping” will mark Apollo’s first release in over six months. His previous single, “3 Boys,” was shared in February. After its release, Apollo joined fellow singer SZA on the road as the opening support for the first wing of her SOS North American Tour.

Omar Apollo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.