Why Is No One Talking About Salomon’s Secretly Excellent New Shoe?

Salomon’s hot streak ain’t limited to joint efforts. Though the French sportswear brand is likely best-known for its Advanced, ACS, and tech-y XT lines, especially when they get the collaborative touch, Salomon is perfectly capable of cranking out equally great in-line shoes, like the new Elixir trail shoe.

Available in low and mid-top form, Salomon’s Elixir shoes are new for Fall/Winter 2023 and perfectly situated to be one of the season’s great sleeper hits.

The Salomon Elixir is a pleasantly chunky, GORE-TEX-lined hiking sneaker available in some pleasantly neutral colorways, affecting a meaty silhouette that’s versatile without being boring.

Really, Salomon’s Elixir sneaker is the yin to the HOKA’s Tor Ultra series yang, in that they’re heavyweight trail steppers that emphasize function over fashion despite being pretty darn stylish.

It just so happened that the HOKA TOR Ultra Low happened to be one of the surprise smashes of 2018, when they debuted and I could envision a similar fate for Salomon’s Elixir, had Salomon launched the Elixir as a limited edition collab.

But the Elixir instead quietly launched as a general release shoe in late July, undeservedly going under the radar. I can’t quite figure out why no one is talking about these beyond a few hiking-oriented websites beyond the fact that their release simply wasn’t terribly well-publicized.

Well, consider this my effort to right that wrong.

Real hikers already approve: “In my opinion, the comfort and support they offer is a worthy trade for the extra weight,” one reviewer says on Salomon’s website, where the Elixir is widely available for $190.

“They also look pretty awesome,” they continued. Couldn’t agree more, my friend.

We all know Salomon is top dog at collaborations, dishing exclusive shoes with partners like Chicago store Notre, UK mega-retailer END., and French afro-vegan restaurant Jah Jah with impressive consistency, both in terms of frequency and quality.

We also must also make time for Salomon’s new in-line footwear, however, as it’s all getting better at its own patient pace.

These sorta in-house designs don’t sound quite as sexy as a one-off sneaker created with a recognizable name — not at face value, at least — but this is where some of the great undersung shoes of our time are born.

The brand once called HOKA ONE ONE, for instance, recently came up with two slam dunks: the beautifully beefy Skyline Float-X and the Restore TC slip-on shoe, neither of which needed a collaborator to make them any better than they already are.

Salomon’s Elixir is similarly strong enough on its own. Still, I kinda hope it receives a collaborative update in due time, if only to give the Elixir more deserved attention.

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