Yep, There Could’ve Been a YEEZY Samba Shoe

adidas YEEZY may be over, but more of what could’ve been continue to roll in — we’re talking about unreleased YEEZY prototypes, by the way.

In July, former YEEZY designer Kitty Shukman revealed more looks at the D Rose x YEEZY collab and other rippled YEEZY footwear that will never be.

And the latest comes to fans as the best look yet at what’s claimed to be a YEEZY Samba sample. Yes, there could’ve been a YEEZY Samba.

First seen back in 2019, the adidas YEEZY 150 Samba looks rather chunky, leaning into both the feels of a skate shoe and adidas’ beloved football shoe.

Indeed, the YEEZY Samba would’ve checked a few boxes if it dropped today: one for the fashion’s puffy footwear obsessions, another check for the prevailing Samba wave, and another for the skate bro trend.

A smooth black suede takes over the YEEZY Samba’s upper, topped with a golden “Wyoming” branding in place of the standard Samba branding. Down below, an extra-thick gum sole settles out, reminding us of the newest Samba XLG, which boasts an equally-hefty sole finished in translucent rubber.

In other throwback images, the YEEZY Samba joined a gathering of other YEEZYs, including a never-released boot similar to the 2021 YEEZY NSLTD boot.

Also, do we spot an obscure FOAM RNR amongst the lineup? We wouldn’t be surprised as the highly-debated prehistoric-level shoe didn’t arrive till 2020 amidst the global pandemic.

Anyways. Sadly for YEEZY fans, it’s unlikely the YEEZY Sambas will see a release, given the terminated partnership and adidas’ quest to get rid of leftover YEEZYs.

Speaking of leftover YEEZY shoes, August adidas YEEZY sales are underway as we speak.

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