On Addison Rae’s Big Day, She’s Dressed as a Bra-Wearing Ballet Dancer

We like Addison Rae’s approach to getting dressed around these parts, whether it’s a pleasantly odd twist on workout gear, a fairly straightforward summer outfit styled to simple perfection or, er, just a T-shirt. She can do it all!

But can Addison Rae do a sparkly bra, tutu over glitter shorts, and Marc Jacob-style platform shoes? Why, great question, reader, why don’t you consider the photo above?

Not only does she nail the look with aplomb (girls get it done, I hear) but Rae’s clothes aren’t also that wild: this is what you wear as a 22-year-old TikToker-turned-pop star who’s celebrating a major turning point in your career. This is a carefree look for a carefree night out in [current year].

To Rae’s further credit, she has the innate good taste necessary to pull off basically anything and she makes even this intentionally OTT party outfit appear entirely effortless.

Rae spent the evening of August 17 with friends at Hollywood’s Hamburger Mary’s in full DGAF mode, both in terms of wardrobe and attitude. She also apparently snapped some pictures with a vintage camera — album cover incoming!

Produced with help from talented pals like Charli XCX and Benny Blanco, Addison Rae’s AR is already album of the year, according to stans.

Actually, no, it’s not just the stans. Even casual pop fans are deeming Rae’s effort superior to pop peers and photoshopping perfect review scores mere hours after the album’s release.

Rumor mills are already churning out whispers that some currently touring household names are weighing surprise Addison Rae appearances at future concerts but that’s all pure gossip.

But one can only hope that if Taylor Swift does call Rae onstage to perform “I Got It Bad (Addison’s Version),” we can only hope that she’s wearing something sparkly, something with a tutu.

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