Why Is Drake Wearing an Apron on His “It’s All a Blur” Tour?

Drake is currently on his “It’s All a Blur” tour making various questionable decisions but of all of them, the most confusing may simply be: why is Drake wearing an apron on-stage?

As seen during various stops on tour, Drake makes several outfit changes, swapping clothes into various baggy (and mostly Nike) looks.

His weirdest outfits, though, include shiny aprons and bloodied butcher’s clothes. What’s it mean?

Most fans have been pretty confused about Drake’s aprons.

There are actually several of them, ranging from short, sparkly iterations to a knee-length apron that one see worn by slaughterhouse workers.

the “slaughter” part feels like the key here.

As one Drake fanpage pointed out, Drake’s aprons are likely a reference to Slaughter Gang, the record label that works with 21 Savage, with whom Drake released collaborative album Her Loss.

Slaughter Gang has also released music from Travis Scott (Astroworld), Post Malone (the “Rockstar” single), and SahBabii (SANDAS), but it’s primarily an outlet for 21 Savage, who founded the label in 2017.

No Drake music, though, not even Her Loss.

Slaughter Gang has also operated as the parent company that 21 Savage’s management uses to organize his tours, concerts, and promotional events at various points in its life.

Drake, again, is very unrelated to Slaughter Gang activities but presumably, he’s just being a supportive friend. Isn’t that nice?

However, there’s a looser interpretation of Drake’s apron and slaughterhouse outfits.

One might see Drake’s costumes as a metaphor for Drake “murdering” the people he took aim at on Her Loss, who include Megan Thee Stallion, Serena Williams’ husband, Ice Spice, and Dram.

Given that some of those supposed disses were walked back and handled with relative grace by their subjects, one would hope that Drake’s aprons have some other meaning.

Meanwhile, Drake has worn a much less ambiguous Nike vest on the tour, which is far less controversial and far more appealing than his apron outfits.

Given all of his other wacky decisions and inexplicable outfits, at least there’s one good thing to come of Drake’s bizarre behavior.

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