Netflix’s ‘Depp V. Heard’ (Mostly) Solves The Mystery Of The Poop In Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Bed

Depp v. Heard, a three-part Netflix series about the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial, claims to show “both testimonies side by side for the first time.” It also (mostly) answers an important question: who pooped the bed?

During his testimony, Depp claimed to have found something “absurd and grotesque and cruel” in their bed in April 2016. It was “human fecal matter,” he said. Heard countered that it didn’t come from a person; it was dog poop. “She had eaten Johnny’s weed when she was a puppy and had bowel control issues for her entire life, among some other issues, we regularly had to take her to the vet. She had some control issues,” the actress explained. When asked if the poop was a prank, Heard answered, “Absolutely not. First of all, I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what grown women does. I was also not in a pranking mood, my life was falling apart.”

Depp disagreed with Heard’s dog defense. “They’re teacup Yorkies. They weigh about four pounds each. The photograph that I saw — I lived with those dogs for many years. It was not the dogs,” the Pirates of the Caribbean star said on the stand. But Depp v. Heard casts doubt on whether the actor actually thought the dogs weren’t capable of pulling a Frank.

The docuseries inserts transcripts from the previous Depp v Heard showdown, a libel trial in the U.K. wherein lots of different evidence was presented. In that transcript, a text sent from Depp to one of his friends is read into evidence. It reads: “Will you squat in front of the door of the master bedroom and leave a giant coil of dookie so that Amber steps in it and think that it’s one of the dogs, primarily Boo has a major problem. It’ll be funny.”

The text proves that Depp knew the dogs, especially Boo, were capable of leaving a “a giant coil of dookie.” So, Heard was probably telling the truth. It also shows that rich people play weird pranks on each other.

(Via Decider)