GANNI’s First AI-Influenced Collection Says “Hello World!”

Even with the hype surrounding all the emerging and established brands showing at this season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, GANNI’s SS24 collection’s debut garnered much-deserved attention among the plethora of quality offerings.

A brand deeply intertwined with Copenhagen’s cultural identity, GANNI keeps its focus shifted forward, finding new ways to reinvent fashion design while maintaining its core aspects of intentionality and authenticity as the discipline continues to evolve with the ever-changing times.

This season the heritage Danish brand achieves this by embracing artificial intelligence, teaming with AI artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm to create a physical element that thoughtfully integrates this advanced technology into the presentation of the collection.

Utilizing trees as a symbol of hope and life, the creative pairing created GANNI AI to turn these organic objects into interactive art pieces that embody the technology’s transformative spirit.

“Nicolaj (my husband) has a tech background, so we’ve been talking about Artificial Intelligence for years,” shares GANNI creative director Ditte Reffstrup. “Every collection possesses a unique identity while retaining the quintessential GANNI spirit. This season, the futuristic tech influence plays a significant role in the overall look and atmosphere.”

Ganni’s “Hello World!” collection is a playful interpretation of how AI can be used to our benefit to create beautiful artistic expressions rather than being seen as something we turn our back on in fear.

Talking place on a set that reflects the sleek and organic nature of the capsule, SS24 employs a new design prowess that remains native to the historic label as well as fabrics made from recycled materials as part of the brand’s Fabrics of the Future initiative.

From sequined mini skirts, chic handbags, and Western-inspired heels to exciting collabs with New Balance, Ace & Tate, and Paloma Elsesser the new line sees GANNI transforming in real time, exploring new ways to consider the relationship between technology, clothing, and the physical bodies that utilize both.

To get more details on the brand’s latest offering, we sat down with Reffstrup following the conclusion of the SS24 runway presentation.

How does this new collection reflect the design ethos GANNI is currently operating from?

We are excited about three remarkable collaborations, a cornerstone of GANNI’s essence. We firmly believe in the power of collective work, learning, and industry improvement through shared visions. This collection showcases advancements in fabric innovation, a highlight I eagerly anticipate. Moreover, we are re-emphasizing dresses and tailoring this season, signaling the evolution of the GANNI girl.

What specific elements were at the forefront of design?

This collection amplifies the distinctive elements that define us, taking our style to new heights. Expect to encounter a more refined GANNI girl aesthetic, always with our characteristic twist!

What story does this collection tell? Are there any dueling narratives?

We drew inspiration from two contrasting elements: a sharper, machine-like quality juxtaposed with natural, human softness. While seemingly contradictory, we intend to demonstrate that technology, humanity, and nature can harmoniously coexist through informed and responsible choices. And, of course, we aim to have fun in the process because what’s the point otherwise?

In your mind, what does the future of GANNI look like as fashion becomes more tech integrated?

Due to Nicolaj’s background, technology has always been fundamental to our operations. With AI rapidly advancing, we aim to utilize it to enhance the personalized and responsible aspects of GANNI. We want to prevent any inversion of priorities, a common fear. This season’s show is a prime example of our vision for an immersive, optimistic, enjoyable, and highly innovative future!

What advantages do you see from the merging of AI and fashion?

Lately, it has felt like an additional source of concern, as it seems distant from my realm. However, I contemplated AI’s potential for positivity and its role in shaping a brighter future. If harnessed correctly, it can contribute to a more responsible industry, and we want to steer it in that direction.

Speak to the Fabrics Of The Future Program. How did this initiative play a role in the latest collection?

For SS24, we’re excited to unveil three different fabric innovations. One is Oleatex, an alternative to leather produced from waste from olive oil production. Another is Circulose® by Renewcell, a natural material made from textile waste. Additionally, Algreen introduces plastic-free, recyclable sequins derived from seaweed and agricultural waste. NThisseason marks our transition to a leather-free collection across ready-to-wear and accessories.

What inspired you to collaborate with New Balance and Ace & Tate? In what ways are these brands similar to GANNI?

This marks our second collaboration with both brands, a great honor. I’ve always admired their work, and we share a passion for infusing everyday essentials with a touch of joy and practicality. Collaborations infuse our shows with an enjoyable and inclusive energy—qualities that, in my view, define fashion.

As a heritage Copenhagen brand, what expectations do you feel the brand must honor?

While there are no strict mandates, we aspire for GANNI to be accessible to all. We champion freedom of expression, a significant facet of the brand’s identity. As Copenhagen is our home and heart, we naturally draw inspiration from our surroundings and the remarkable individuals surrounding us daily.