Fashion Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated: cktrl’s Best Style Tips For End of Summer

For English DJ and multi-instrumental artist cktrl, style shouldn’t be complicated. Leaving trends to pass, the dynamic artist champions comfort over couture, letting his intuition guide him toward silhouettes that embody his individual tastes.

“The mantra has always been “be yourself,” cktrl plainly states. “Trends aren’t forever.”

As a renowned industry presence and headlining DJ, the innovative musician exudes a comfortable confidence any time he shows out, from the red carpet to behind the decks. And with help from StockX, the leading global luxury resale marketplace, cktrl crafted some curated looks that feel as personalized as the music he creates.

Coming off the release of his acclaimed “Yield” EP in the fall of 2022, cktrl, which stands for “Can’t Keep to Reality,” vehemently stands by the art of musicianship, prioritizing the love of the craft before anything else. Pulling from an expansive musical background, the esteemed record producer is on a mission to rewrite the narrative of contemporary black British music, infusing a novel energy into every project he undertakes.

For the artist’s standout look, cktrl settled on having a full Denim Tears moment, combining the classic Cotton Wreath sweatshirt with a pair of matching track pants that boast the same design. For the kicks, the style savvy DJ dawned the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Reverse Mochas, a tasteful choice as we move into a season where fall tones are essential.

And with features like StockX’s thorough product verification process, cktrl can be sure his selected pieces are up to standard with the rest of his closet as he plans his final fits for summer’s end.

To get more insight into on the distinctive DJ’s style profile and creative procedures, we caught up with Cktrl to talk about his process for creating setlists, his best style advice, and what new pieces from StockX he plans to shop soon.

What was the last musical project you listened to that moved you?

Masicka’s ‘438’ album was cold.

What is your process when creating the setlist for events and parties?

There’s no process really. DJing is about energy, for real. I just focused on setting a mood.

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Who is your style icon?

My mom. My sister is also the goat for real, and my girlfriend’s style is deeply iconic.

How did you go about building your custom StockX look?

I went for the dress down, you know, casual ting. The Denim Tears track pants were a go-to.

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What piece from StockX will eventually find its way into your closet?

As soon as I say something, someone reading will get it before me, so I’m just going to keep that one close.

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever gotten?

The mantra has always been “be yourself.” Trends aren’t forever.

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Can you describe the personal importance of an authentic outfit? What is your most “you” outfit comprised of?

It’s important just to feel good, and I think people overlook that when it comes to clothing. When you’ve got the best outfit, nobody can tell you anything. That’s an authentic outfit for me.

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