Even at the Airport, Angelina Jolie Epitomizes Stealth Wealth

Some people just can’t help but be stylish. Folks like Angelina Jolie have the deep pockets necessary to afford only the finest clobber, of course, but it still demands sartorial skill to assemble an outfit worthy of a second glance and the innate swag necessary to pull it off.

Seen in mid-August arriving at JFK airport with kids Vivienne and Pax, Angelina Jolie looked like she was about to attend a Paris Fashion Week show, not like she was returning to New York after spending several hours up in the air.

Jolie looked severely unbothered, wearing dark sunglasses, a shin-length double-breasted black coat, floor-length skirt, and ballet flats, the shoes of the moment. On her RIMOWA suitcase, a CELINE tote with a Louis Vuitton bag tucked inside.

Very Olsen Twins, very quiet luxury, very Angelina Jolie.

Except that we don’t really talk about Jolie’s style very often, which is a shame.

She’s just extremely private these days, and is only rarely snapped by paparazzi. It’s been easier to trace the stealth-wealthification of more visible celebs, like Hilary Duff (yes, Lizzie McGuire dresses great these days) and Jennifer Lawrence, a living testament to the power of wearing nothing but The Row.

Perhaps with the launch of Atelier Jolie, the enigmatic and purportedly consumer-powered luxury label that Jolie revealed earlier this summer, we’ll get a better fix on Jolie’s wardrobe.

Certainly, Jolie has the taste and proportions (tall, slender, statuesque) to make anything work.

It ain’t anyone who can handle the layering of longline coat over skirt but Jolie doesn’t just make it look natural — she makes it look easy.

The fact that it’s all-black and topped with face-obscuring shades with the pulled-back hair only makes Jolie’s airport ‘fit one for the quiet luxury history books. Stealth wealth but cool and not stuffy or bland.

Here is a case study in dressing effortlessly expensive without putting price tags or logos on display. and it’s being delivered in an airport, of all places.