A New Tucker Carlson Biography Is Doing Even Worse Than His Twitter ‘Show’

Remember Tucker Carlson? As Fox News’ biggest star, he used to cause all manner of ruckus on a regular basis. Then he got fired and he’s learned what happens to fired Fox News stars: They’re no longer as famous without the biggest rightwing platform in America. Views of his Twitter “show” plummeted after a big start. A new book about him didn’t even get that honor.

As per Mediaite, earlier this month saw the release of Tucker, Chadwick Moore’s biography of the possibly already irrelevant rightwing titan. If book sales are any indication, Carlson’s star may have already waned. In its first week of release, the tome sold a mere 3,227 hardcover copies, landing it at number 15 on Publisher’s Weekly list of book sales.

The book is doing even worse at Amazon. On its list of best-selling biographies, it currently ranks at 58. What are some of the bios doing better than Tucker? For one, Walter Isaacson’s book about Elon Musk, owner of the social media service he’s not quite conquering, which sits at 46. The top seller? American Prometheus, the Pulitzer Prize-winning bio of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb who’s back in the news.

Carlson’s Tucker on Twitter videos got off to a stunning start, with its first installment amassing some 25 million views. They declined from there. A look at his feed shows that the episodes in which he interviews someone — such as Andrew Tate — can still get rock star numbers, sometimes. But his solo ones, which try to replicate what his old Fox News show was like but in shorter, less flashy form, hover around the 10 million mark. It appears he’s on the path to becoming the next Megyn Kelly: still around but heard from not often, and then usually for the dumbest reasons.

(Via Mediaite)