EXCLUSIVE: Advisory Board Crystals x Vans Is a Gem

Brand: Vans x Advisory Board Crystals (ABC.)

Model: EVDNT Utlimatewaffle “Miracle Conditions”

Release Date: August 16 (raffle), August 17 (launch)

Price: $175

Buy: Advisory Board Crystals’ website, Vans’ web store

Advisory Board Crystals has undertaken so many high-profile partnerships since its founding in 2015, from Longchamp to several drops with KITH, that you’d be forgiven for not realizing that ABC. has never actually devised a proper sneaker, until now. Finally, fellow Californian company Vans has realized ABC.’s vision on a pair of sneakers and the results, well, they speak for themselves.

Behold Advisory Board Crystals’ collaborative Vans EVDNT Ultimatewaffle, an unconventionally beautiful take on an unconventionally wearable sneaker.

Yes, ABC. x Vans is a gem. An opal, to be exact. A fire opal, to be even more exact.

As a brand with “crystal” in the name, Advisory Board Crystals is uniquely qualified to deem a precious stone as particularly appealing, so when ABC. describes fire opals — warm-hued, translucent gemstones shaped by lava — as one of its favorite stones, we pay attention.

“Metaphysically, this stone is an amplifier, and the fire property is said to spark personal creativity,” ABC. said. “The general idea is to feel the energy of what it would be to wear a fire opal on your feet.”

Advisory Board Crystals transformed Vans’ fairly young EVDNT sneaker into a remarkable thing of beauty, laden with translucent panels and bespoke details.

Mismatched suede, reflective trim, plush vegan leather lining, and layers of glittering holographic make ABC.’s Vans a feast for the eyes, though beauty ain’t just skin-deep.

Real effort went into elevating this collaboration beyond a mere special colorway, yielding sneakers rife with standout features.

Some of the exhaustive detailing includes custom-made Swarovski eyelets for extra sparkle; an ABC. lace lock; transparent holographic covers on the insoles to keep the branding from wearing off; Italian-made Certilogo labels on the interior of each shoe’s tongue that grant each pair of Advisory Board Crystal Vans a unique serial number and authentication code, a first for Vans.

Phew. That’s not even getting into the collaborative ABC. x Vans clothing.

“We thought the idea of ‘creative mining’ was interesting,” the brand said. “The person who mined for the crystal but also for the thinker who mines for thoughts, inspiration, and progress; from the psychical to the mental. Mind, body, and spirit in alignment, always.”

That translates into shiny quarter-zip pullovers, padded work vests, track pants, and an impressive set comprising a hooded coat with holographic co-branding on the rear and a sturdy double-knee pant to match.

As usual, ABC.’s thematic tie-ins are second-to-none. Its Vans clothing features Swarovski rivets to match the EVDNT sneaker and fire opal-inspired graphic flair is everywhere.

The pièce de résistance is a thematic twist on the ABC. “Rapper Chain,” with synthetic fire opal replacing the usual crystal and a matte silver finish to, again, match the Vans sneaker’s Jazz Stripe (you know, the line on the side of Vans shoes).

There you have it, folks. Likely one of the most meticulous collaborations in Vans’ history, and Advisory Board Crystals, too.

Various crystal sites claim that fire opals can manifest various beneficial properties, including a boost to self-confidence, a trait that’s innate to ABC.’s flashy Vans.

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