Balenciaga’s Hourglass Is Now a $22K Metal Bag

Balenciaga’s popular Hourglass XS bag just went full metal on us. Seriously, the Parisian house has issued a new metal rendition of its Hourglass bag, realized in a full gleaming brass build.

Its name? The Hourglass Metal XS, of course. The newest handbag hits the scale at roughly 2 pounds, and is complete with traditional Hourglass fixings (finished in metal, naturally).

The metal Hourglass XS handbag preserves that familiar, beloved curved shape, handle, additional chain strap, and B logo dangling from the flap. It ain’t all metallic, though, as nappa lambskin settles on the Hourglass’ lining.

With the newest accessory hailing from the land of $27K blue jeans and $2K leather trashbags, it is no surprise that the almost-full metal Balenciaga handbag is going for $22,840. Plot twist: we were still very much surprised, especially for the pockets looking to splurge.

But hey, if you got $22K to spare for the metal Hourglass XS, the Balenciaga handbag is currently up for grabs in gold and silver on the brand’s website via pre-order (figured a brass piece would be offered on assumably a made-to-order basis).

Well, one thing’s for sure with Balenciaga’s metal handbag: It certainly pairs well with that armor gown from the brand’s recent Couture collection — that’s if you’re in good enough to secure the one-of-a-kind dress from them.

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