ALDI’s $13 Shoe Might Look Like an AF1, But It Certainly Isn’t One

ALDI’s new A1 sneaker, which lands down the grocery store’s middle aisle on August 23, looks remarkably suspicious, right?

Dubbed a “dupe” by the grocery store’s very own press release, ALDI’s A1 is probably the most obvious downright copy of a Nike Air Force 1 we’ve ever seen.

Everything from the perforated upper to the chunky midsole screams Nike AF1, but instead of wearing a Swoosh, ALDI’s A1 shoe is about as barren as they come.

But hey, here’s the real kicker: Nike’s Air Force 1 retails for $100, whereas Aldi’s A1 will be sold for just $12.99.

In truth, ALDI has made a habit of duping popular silhouettes. Last year, for instance, when the German supermarket chain dropped its own version of Crocs’ Clog for just $4. That’s $35 less than actual Crocs.

Historically, Nike hasn’t let AF1 dupes go unchallenged. Only last year the sports label filed a lawsuit against designer John Geiger, claiming that his GF-01 sneaker was “[capitalizing] on Nike’s reputation and the reputation of its iconic shoes.” The issue was eventually settled amicably after Geiger agreed to modify the design of his GF-01.

Honestly, the main issue we have with ALDI is that instead of using this opportunity to have its say on a specific silhouette with a twist or an ALDI logo, it’s deriving the original designs of any branding whatsoever. Instead, ALDI is simply recreating a shoe for a fraction of the cost and quality.

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