Someone Let Kanye’s Wife Know That Wearing Clothes Is Okay

It’s becoming clear that Kanye “Ye” West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has an aversion to clothing.

In the past few months, the former YEEZY architect has made next-to-nothing ensembles her signature look, the most recent of which came while Ye and Bianca were traveling in Rome, Italy when Bianca was seen wearing a barely-there opaque bodysuit and white stiletto heels in early August.

Bianca’s latest look was similar to the see-through bra and skirt she was seen wearing alongside Ye last week, inexplicably worn barefoot to match the YEEZY founder’s own shoeless look. At least she actually had shoes on this time.

Ye and Bianca’s new outfits — he still in a shirtless suit, she in the aforementioned one-piece — were seen on August 7 in the Italian capital as they headed to a Travis Scott concert.

Halfway through the show, Ye took to the stage (still barefoot) as the evening’s surprise guest.

Now, far be it for us to come across like judgmental opinion-giving parents right now because everyone has the right to dress as they like, free from derision. Your body, you choice.

Perhaps someone should let Bianca know that wearing clothes is actually okay, though: Ye’s wife has rarely been seen wearing much more than underwear, except for the one time that she wore a bizarre ice cream cone-looking costume.

Is Ye the one pushing his wife to wear these nearly-nude looks?

Either way, Bianca clearly has confidence in spades and she’s pulling off her barely-there outfits. If Bianca’s personal style is really as translucent as it appears, who’s to judge?

Of course, dressing down isn’t anything new for Bianca, though Bianca and Ye’s recent anti-footwear outfits has often made it hard to focus on the rest of the outfits that they are (or aren’t) wearing on any particular day.

It’s wild to think that after weeks of sporting sock shoes and MMA-style shin guards, the couple found even those slight shoes too constricting and ditched them to go skin-to-earth.

But then again, this is perhaps the world’s most attention-seeking couple we’re talking about, so is anyone really that surprised?

Bianca and Ye’s barefoot antics have come mere weeks after the leak of Ye’s currently unreleased YEEZY Aqua 50 sock shoe, the first YEEZY footwear silhouette to be unveiled without adidas’ input (not including the one-off 3D-printed YEEZY boots).

In fact, adidas’ sale of leftover YEEZY sneakers began in early August, just days before Bianca and Ye’s initial debut barefoot outing.

At least Bianca’s back in shoes, as of the Travis Scott appearance. What’s Ye’s excuse?

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