Every Beckham Gets a $2,000 Goyard Bag — Yes, Even the Kids

Life’s different when you’re a Beckham. You develop a taste for the finer things at a young age, for instance, as evidenced by the $2,000 Goyard handbags that the clan clutched en route to a sunny afternoon spent aboard a Miami superyacht. Relatable!

Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper Seven joined David and Cruz on the day trip, the mother and 12-year-old daughter both carrying their matching Goyard bags, as you do.

It’s tough to tell from the distance whether Victoria and Harper were carrying Goyard’s Artois, Anjou, or Saint Louis bags (and exactly which size at that) but, rest assured that regardless of the style, we’re talking four-figure accessories for the whole family.

No surprise that rich people do rich things but it’s always amusing (and maybe a little depressing) to see just how indulgent celebs get with their kids.

Sometimes it’s so over-the-top as to be kind of cool, like when North West wore full Chanel or custom Balenciaga.

Sometimes, it’s just like, I dunno, do your kids really need mini Supreme jackets? or their own Birkin?

It’s only a matter of time until A$AP Rocky and Rihanna pre-order one of Pharrell’s $1 million Louis Vuitton bags for their kids, right?

As ubiquitous as Goyard bags are, they’re still a sorta cool IYKYK flex. Like, Goyard was stealth wealth before the term was canonized and, for a certain sect of the ultra-rich, its bags remain a go-to carryall, because there’s no better way to signal moolah than by treating a luxury accessory as a daily driver.

Seriously: isn’t the act of casually carrying around your sunscreen and beach book in a $2,000 Goyard tote the very definition of quiet luxury?

Still, I’d argue that it’s comparatively cooler to let your clothes do the talkin’, though it’s better to match a big bank account to big proportions, rather than big logos. To this end, the Beckhams ought to take a page from their pal Messi’s book and invest in some supersized shorts.

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