At Last, Keanu Reeves Is Dressing Like a Bonafide Rockstar

Keanu Reeves is, by all accounts, a private guy. So much so that all we really know about the well-dressed actor away from the big screen is that he’s married to Alexandra Grant, the American visual artist, and plays bass in the alternative rock trio, Dogstar.

Still, privacy can only get you so far when you’re heading on a nationwide tour of the United States with your band, that’s after rare images of Keanu eeves heading to Dogstar’s first show in Los Angeles began circulating across social media.

Reeves, with his signature shoulder-length hair and unkempt beard, looks to be fully-embracing his rockstar status in an outfit comprising button-up field jacket, brown pants, and a pair of his now-signature beat hiking boots, with a cigarette in there for good measure, too. Heck, in one image he’s sat on the floor drinking a bottle of Gatorade. Does it get more rock ‘n’ roll?!

Honestly, Keanu Reeves has been dressing like a rocker for a while now. I suppose it’s just when such looks (field jackets, leather motorcycle jackets, and distressed denim) are peppered between the three-piece suits and more dapper ensembles that his acting persona requires, they’re easy to miss.

That being said, in early days (the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey days), Reeves would often rock up to premieres and award shows donning some wild achromatic motorcycle jackets and heavily distressed denim looks that were better suited to a dingy bar than an opulent ceremony. More recently though, he’s very much stuck to dress codes.

Now though, as the Canadian actor heads on tour until late December (!!!) he’s finally embracing his inner Sid Vicious. Sure, he’s an actor (and one of the best of the 21st century according to critics), but he’s also an accomplished musician, but only now is he taking on the image of one, too.

That aside, with no social media presence and no well-documented public scandal to boast of, Reeves has led a sheltered life, which is all the more impressive when you consider he’s been an A-Lister for the good part of thirty years.

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