Stephen King Predicts The Margot Robbie-Starring ‘Babylon’ Will Be Hailed As A Classic In 20 Years (Why Wait? It’s Great Now)

Barbie is expected to top the box office for a fourth weekend in a row, but Stephen King is thinking about another Margot Robbie movie.

“Maybe this says more about me than the film, but I thought BABYLON was utterly brilliant — extravagant, over the top, hilarious, thought-provoking. Might be one of those movies that reviews badly and is acclaimed as a classic in 20 years,” the author tweeted. He’s right to say it: Babylon is the kind of sprawling epic that doesn’t happen often these days (hopefully the success of Oppenheimer changes things). To quote a pre-Barbie Greta Gerwig movie, “They didn’t understand it.”

The Damien Chazelle film only made $63.4 million at the box office on a reported $80 million budget, but as King pointed out, it will find its audience — like a movie based on one of his own works.

Babylon is a movie that absolutely shouldn’t work, but objectively does, three hours and nine minutes that didn’t bore me for a single second,” Vince Mancini wrote in his review for Uproxx. “Instead, it sails, on the crest of a glorious wave of blood, sweat, tears, tits, shit, vomit, and piss.”

There’s a sex, drugs, Brad Pitt, a pooping elephant, old school Hollywood glamour, Jean Smart as a gossip columnist, and Margot Robbie doing the wildest dance since Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. What are you waiting? Babylon is available on Paramount+, among other streaming options.

(Via Twitter/Stephen King)