No Peanut Butter Here — It’s All Jelly, Baby

Let’s face it: Jelly fashion is having a moment right now, with labels taking the gooey-looking material beyond the nostalgic 90s sandal.

The jelly sandal is still the main character, of course. Simply, it has evolved and even been bougiefied by luxury houses like Gucci.

How can we forget Gucci’s nearly $500 GG’d fisherman sandals? Or how about *those* pink Gucci rubber slides that were everywhere last year? And if you’re thinking about jelly-like timepieces, Gucci already did it.

At the same time, Coach’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection blessed us with Lil Nas X, Coach-ified jelly footwear, and jelly Tabby Bags (!!!). Yes, jelly Tabbies for the Coachettes.

Of course, the chic new Coach Tabby sold out almost instantly when it dropped. No surprises there. The TikTok-famous Coach Tabby bag in jelly form? How can a 90s baby say no?

Side note: Coach recently restocked the Jelly Tabby. Just an FYI for those who lucked out the first go-around.

The return of the jelly sandals was already a childhood dream come true. And the dreamy material in handbag form (and so) is equally a great thing — and Coach isn’t the only one to master this great thing.

Handbag royalty Telfar linked with jelly veteran Melissa for the ultra-sleek shopping bags and remixed jelly sandals made from Melissa’s traditional Meflex material comprised of recyclable plastic.

The pair delivered a little taste of the team-up last month, with a full Telfar x Melissa course — collaborative shoes and shopping bags in four colorways — prepped to release on August 14.

Melissa has been quite generous with its jelly over the years. Previously, the brand spread its eco-friendly material on collabs with Jean Paul Gaultier, Y/Project, and Collina Strada to name a few. And we’re not complaining. More trippy jellies and towering strappy platforms, please.

One brand entangled in jelly affairs is simply one brand entangled in jelly affairs. But several labels embracing the jelly? We call that a trend, folks.

I can’t help but wonder what the jelly world will present us with next. Apparel perhaps? Sounds right up Loewe’s valley, a valley where IRL Minecraft and Polly Pocket-level clothes thrive in abundance.

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