Who Knew Oakley Was *This* Good at Footwear?

Since its inception way back in 1975, Oakley has been synonymous with innovative eyewear. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that Oakley is the brand that springs to mind when you think of innovative eyewear.

Yet, when it comes to say, footwear, Oakley is historically nowhere to be seen. Well, until now anyway.

Thanks to Oakley Factory Team, the long-standing experimental sub-line that reimagines archival brand silhouettes, Oakley’s footwear is finally starting to make waves, and its Fall/Winter 2023 preview is proof.

Shared via Hiking Patrol’s IG, Oakley Factory Team FW23 looks set to revisit the American label’s extensive archives to present rejuvenated takes on styles like the Chop Saw, Flesh, and Paguro in a slew of typically cosmic colorways.

Truth be told, Oakley Factory Team has had a successful few years by all accounts.

Following the introduction of its mule-fied Chop Saw in “Maroon/Espresso” back in May, the label continued its long-standing partnership with Brain Dead to deliver a handful of futuristic Paguro slides.

While release details of Oakley Factory Team FW23 are yet to be announced (we’ve reached out to them for confirmation), it’s expected that they’ll begin dropping towards the back-end of September. For now, we must wait. But remember: we’re in the midst of an Oakley renaissance, and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

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