Lauren Boebert Might Have Missed The Sarcasm After Biden Landed A Rare Zinger About Her As A ‘Quiet Republican Lady’

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert has had quite a week. She posted a photo of herself launching grenades shortly after she complained about the price of groceries. And on a related note, she has been goading President Biden on Twitter for weeks while slamming “Bidenomics.” A few samples:

Now, Boebert has accomplished something else: she’s being mocked by Biden in manner of Marjorie Taylor Greene, with whom she famously heckled him during a State of the Union address while he spoke about his dead son, Beau. Biden actually did sort-of nail Greene not too long ago with an, “Isn’t she amazing?” At the time, he was discussing how Greene had accused him of causing fatal fentanyl sales that happened on the clock of the last administration. Greene responded by ignoring reality and claiming that he was laughing about death. Boebert, on the other hand, read Biden’s message but seems to have missed the sarcasm.

During a speech about his Inflation Reduction Act, Biden discussed jobs created at a New Mexico wind manufacturing plant. He then spoke of how “CS Wind broke ground on what will be the world’s largest wind tower manufacturing plant.” That particular plant? Biden had more details on its location, which is in Boebert’s Colorado stomping grounds:

“Coincidentally, a congresswoman, Lauren Boebert, the very quiet Republican lady? It is in her district. She railed against the passage. That is ok, she is welcoming it now.”

To that, Boebert couldn’t resist responding. “Joe Biden said that I’m a ‘very quiet Republican lady’. Wishful thinking, Joe,” she tweeted. “I’m calling you out every single day and I won’t be getting more quiet about it anytime soon!”

She might have missed the sarcasm, but her responders did not.

Biden doesn’t successfully mock his opponents too often, but he landed a rare zinger here.