BornXRaised’s Stüssy Collab Is For Spanto

It’s surprising that it took BornxRaised and Stüssy this long to partner on a collaboration given both labels’ shared California heritage but better late than never, especially when there’s a good cause at the heart of it all.

The BornxRaised x Stüssy collection comprises a range of limited-edition gear designed to capture the essence of both brands and, most notably, all of the profits that the collection generates from Stüssy’s website and in-store sales will be donated to the Printup family.

Printup, more commonly known by his nickname “Spanto,” was a co-founder of BornxRaised alongside longtime friend 2Tone. He suddenly died on June 28, 2023, leaving behind an unshakeable cultural legacy.

The Stüssy x BornxRaised collection itself includes three T-shirts, a zip-up hoodie, a fitted hat, an eight ball beach towel, a jersey that pays homage to classic sportswear (according to the press release) and a sleek Zippo lighter that also doubles as a collector’s item.

The standout piece of the collaboration though is the “Handstyle” T-shirt, a garment that features the distinct handwriting of BornxRaised co-founders, Spanto and 2Tone.

Since co-founding the streetwear brand in 2013, Spanto oversaw BornxRaised’s rise as a label born and bred in the city of Los Angeles, steeped in local culture.

Spanto expanded BornxRaised’s legacy with collaborations with the likes of Levi’s jeans, New Era, Nike, and Converse and eventually tied in with some of LA’s biggest sporting teams, including the Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, Rams, and Los Angeles FC.

The BornxRaised x Stüssy collection drops on August 11. It’s said, again according to its press release, to exemplify the collaborators’ shared commitment to thoughtful design, community, and unwavering dedication to authenticity.

But most importantly, it’s a collaboration that pays homage to the late and great Chris “Spanto” Printup.

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