Are Palace & McDonald’s Serving Up the Ultimate Fast-Streetwear Meal?

Palace Skateboards is one of the most prolific collaborators in the fashion biz so it’s hardly any challenge to imagine the British streetwear brand teaming up with basically anyone. A Palace McDonald’s collab? Sure, why not.

On August 8, Palace uploaded an Instagram video showing a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

Palace’s McDonald’s billboard, appropriately situated above a McDonald’s restaurant, was sprase, simply utilitizing black text on a white backdrop that said “Basically if I do enough descriptions about McDonald’s I reckon I can expense burgers then my life’s complete,” except that the text was broken up into the typically abrupt bullet points utilized for item descriptions on Palace’s website.

Meanwhile, on McDonald’s Instagram page, a short clip of, well, short clips showing McDonald’s references in popular culture, from Seinfeld and The Office to The Fifth Element and a Japanese anime.

No direct mention of Palace but a second slide revealed an enigmatic teaser: “Opening August 14” and “As featured in.”

This may not even be related to Palace’s teaser, but merely an unrelated project devoted to the many times that McDonald’s has crossed over into the entertainment space. Or, possibly, Palace will be helping McDonald’s launch this new project.

And that’s all, folks. No declarations of Palace x McDonald’s, no big reveal, just a tease of what’s presumably to come. Two separate teases, possibly.

Highsnobiety has reached out to Palace to comment on the McDonald’s teaser.

It’s certainly not hard to imagine a Palace x McDonald’s collaboration, though. Palace, for its own part, has indulged in far-reaching collaborations with the likes of Crocs, luxury label Gucci, and the WWE.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has only beefed up (pun) it’s recent collaborative legacy by teaming up with the likes of Cactus Plant Flea Market, Cardi B and Offset, and Travis Scott, to name just a few. And there were those brief moments with some guy who used to be called Kanye West, too.

Not only are these organic cultural crossovers very much within McDonald’s wheelhouse but the fast-food giant also constantly spawns hugely viral campaigns by accident, like the TikTok-dominating Grimace Shake meme.

That’s just what happens when you’re an omnipresent titan at McDonald’s scale.

So, not at all hard to believe that even if Palace isn’t getting its own McDonald’s meal or collaboration, the streetwear brand could be part of the next McDonald’s project.

Or, perhaps Palace is just pulling all of our chains with a cheeky billboard, ‘avin’ a laff, as they say.

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